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Rewards and Benefits

At Tesco we do our best to safeguard the welfare of our employees and look after their future. We offer highly competitive salaries at all levels and invest heavily in training to ensure that you have the opportunity achieve your career ambitions. We feel that this is well reflected in our Rewards and Benefits program.


You will have the opportunity to join the Tesco Ireland Pension Plan subject to service requirements. Members of this scheme will also receive life cover of three times their contractual pay.

Share Schemes

Save As You Earn
Employees are entitled to join SAYE after 1 year's service, paying into the scheme either weekly or monthly for either 3 or 5 years. At the end of the scheme you are entitled to buy shares at a discontinued price set when you first started saving or else request your money back with interest.


Tesco has a large range of policies that recognise the need for a balance between your work and home life. Annual leave starts at 21 days and increases with service.

Parental: Specific: Prolonged Absence:
Maternity Leave Bereavement Leave Annual Leave
Paternity Leave Religion and Faith Time Extended Holidays
Paternal Leave Study Leave Career Breaks
Adoption Leave Compassionate Leave  
Antenatal Leave Foster Care  
  Force Majeure Leave  

Privilege Card

After 1 year's service with us you will be entitled to a staff Privilege card. This is a Clubcard and Staff Discount card in one that entitles you to a 10% discount on most Tesco products.


Employees are entitled to discounts of up to 10% on various health care plans.


We think it's extremely important that you have the training and development options that ensure you have an enjoyable and successful career with us at Tesco. We have the resources and scope to take you very far indeed and we want to make sure that you are equipped for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Tax Saver Commuter Scheme

An opportunity to avail of our Tax Saver Commuter Scheme for Bus, Rail and Luas.

Canteen Facilities

Our canteen facilities open daily at 7am and all breakfast, lunches and dinners are subsidised by Tesco.